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Comprehension Questions


Write a sentence with each word.

Cool Words!

absolutely (p. 1): completely
Chrysanthemum (p. 2): brightly colored flower
appreciate (p. 3): understanding something’s value
alphabet (p. 9): set of letters in a language (there are 26 in the English alphabet)
precious (p. 11): valuable, lovable
priceless (p. 11): extremely valuable
fascinating (p. 11): extremely interesting
winsome (p. 11): charming
Parcheesi (p. 12): board game
miserably (p. 17); very sadly
envious (p. 18): wanting what belongs to someone else
begrudging (p. 18): disapproving
jaundiced (p. 18): negative, bitter
trifle (p.19): little bit
sprout (p. 20): grew leaves
possessions (p. 21): things that belong to someone
Delphinium (p. 26): showy flower


Draw and write about the beginning, middle and end of the story.


Draw and write about your favorite part of the story.