Storm in the Night


Word Search


Comprehension Questions


Write a sentence with each word.

Cool Words!

babbling (p. 1): making sounds like a stream

penny whistle (p. 5): plastic toy that makes a high—pitched noise

creaked (p. 6): squeaked

fluttering 6): flapping rapidly, like a bird’s wings

ping (p. 8): noise from a small bell

bong (p. 8): noise from a large bell

chiming (p. 8): ringing

swished 8): moved with a soft rustling sound

whined 8): made a high—pitched noise

clattered (p. 13): made a loud rattling sound

whooped (p. 13): made a sound of rushing air

brandishing (p. 13): shaking

peppery (p. 13): spicy

barreled (p. 23): speedily crashed

a face like a crack in the ice (p. 23): crooked and evil—looking

scowling (p. 23): frowning

flickers (p. 24): short sparkles

mutterings (p. 24): quiet rumblings

patter (p. 24): light quick sounds

daintily 26): carefully, delicately


Draw and write about the beginning, middle and end of the story.


Draw and write about your favorite part of the story.