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Write a sentence with each word.

Cool Words!

sparkles (p. 1): looks happy and bright

Mexico (p. 1): Spanish-speaking country south of the
United States

station wagon (p. 2): car with lots of storage space
battered (p, 2): worn and beaten-up

cooler (p. 2): box that keeps food and drinks cold

labor manager (p. 2): person in charge of the workers on a farm

nervous (p. 4): worried

border (p, 4): imaginary line that separates two countries

legal (p.4): allowed by the law

farm workers (p. 4): people who are hired to work on other
people’s farms

papeles/papers (p. 4): official papers that allow people from other
countries to live and work in the United States

sun-filled (p. 4): bright and warm

mijo/my son (p. 6): Spanish pet name for a boy

imitates (pt 7): acts like

shooting star (p. 7): star that flies across the sky

nena/little one (p. 8): Spanish pet name for a girl

burro (p:13): small donkey

winter wool (p.13): thick coat that sheep grow to stay

warmtinsel (p. 14): shiny, silver material used in Christmas decorations

plow (p. 17); farming tool that breaks up hard dirt

oxen (p. 17): large cowlike animals that work on farm

bulge (p. 18): fill up and swell

stammer (p.18): say slowly with lots of pauses

Christmas-coming moon (p.21): bright full moon in
late December

pajamas (p. 21): clothes for sleeping in

Angelitos (p. 22): little angels (Spanish)

weird (p. 22): strange and unusual


Draw and write about the beginning, middle and end of the story.


Draw and write about your favorite part of the story.