Personal Responsibility Education Program



Through the Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program (Competitive PREP), the Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) funds projects that educate young people on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. Competitive PREP projects replicate effective, evidence-based program models or substantially incorporate elements of effective programs that have been proven to delay sexual activity, increase condom or contraceptive use for sexually active youth, and/or reduce pregnancy and STIs among youth.



Fit Kids of America’s competitive PREP program services youth, ages 13-19, with evidence-based programing placing substantial emphasis on both abstinence and contraception education for the prevention of pregnancy and STIs. Additionally, the project aims to educate young people in five adulthood preparation subject areas: Healthy relationships including marriage and family interactions Adolescent development, such as the development of healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, racial and ethnic diversity, and other related subjects Financial literacy Parent-child communication Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and inter-personal skills, and stress management. To access the evidence-based Love Notes 3.0 EBP curriculum used in this project, you can do so by clicking on the following link: [email protected]. This link allows you to request a 30-day digital review copy of Love Notes 3.0 Evidence-Based Adaptation. If you should have any questions about the program and/or services offered under this program, please contact Connie Sootin, C.L.C. at [email protected]